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Pro-porn (Though I try to keep this blog mostly SFW.)
I'm an atheist.
I'm pro-choice.
I liveblog every Saturday during Toonami.
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Though the fact that I'm pro-choice doesn't come up often, at all...
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I couldn’t get these two ideas out of my head after watching the “Bible Reloaded’s” latest video.

It was when they got to the “Moon God got married to the sun” or whatever, part.

…So obviously, my brain was trying to create what they would look like in human form.

'Stupid brain.

I just used Rinmarugames because it’s a lot easier than actually drawing. Also, it’s a lot easier to get character ideas out in the open with less options.

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I would start playing Second Life if Vinny was still playing.

I would yiff with him.


hiding from your responsibilities like 


Playing Metal Gear Solid like

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I wonder what’s they’re gonna be playing on Friday Night Fisticuffs this week!


By the way, 3308-4709-8094 Name: Freak. We don’t have any friends who owns a Wii U, so we’re both getting the 3DS version.

…I’m not gonna reveal my boyfriend’s code without his permission.

#shit fans say

Thanks fan blog. Thanks a whole lot. Also, nice icon.

Anyway, NOW I’m probably gonna get a few requests, since this IS such a big blog.

…Thanks. XD


Help Scott with his diabetes by serving nothing but sticks of fucking butter and fucking sugar. Makes perfect sense.

This is why we love South Park. This really is.


Wait, but Sharon doesn’t have a dick anyway…


So doesn’t Cartman’s mo-wait a second. Never mind.

hardcorexeph said: Cartman’s “mom” does have a dick. I thought it was established that “she” is actually his father?

Yep, I know. X3 I was poking at that reference. >w>

Is Gluten part of the illuminati?

Or maybe it’s just the gluten-free diet?

…Where does the Ebola come in, again? Is that a joke because they’re being a little consistent in this episode?

Wait, but Sharon doesn’t have a dick anyway…

So doesn’t Cartman’s mo-wait a second. Never mind.

Woh when did South Park Have continuity?




They use to kill Kenny off on every episode as a joke against inconsistency.

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